[ Ice Surface Process ] TH-759 Mini Touch Induction USB Double-sided Point Electric Lighter Waterproof Windproof USB Charging Lighter

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Description :KCASA TH-759 Mini Touch Induction USB Double-sided Point Electric Lighter  Waterproof USB Charging -Touch sensing, double-sided tungsten ignition 
Double-sided transparent, no dust, can prevent smoke oil from corroding electric heating wire, make electric heating wire more durable, improve ignition efficiency - Powerful Smart Lighter Core & Touch Sensing 
Upgraded version of the smart core, fine-grained, touch-sensitive switch design - Upgrade the ignition port, double protection

The double-sided upgrade protection sheet can prevent the direct contact between the object and the heating wire to a large extent, and prevent the electric wire from being excessively broken when the ignition is performed.

- Surface protection layer and + PVD coating + Zinc alloy material 
High quality and beatiful style.Very comfortable when used ,and it has a slight waterproof function - Mini Size & Lightweight 
Mini compact body, easy to put into the box, easy to carry - Multiple protection designs, very safe 
1.Charging protection 
2.Over discharge protection 
3.Over pressure protection 
4. Overcurrent protection 

Specification :
Brand  KCASA 
Model  TH - 759
Process Ice 
Material  Zink Alloy 
Color  Black / Blue / Silver / Colorful
Weight  100g
Size  84 x 23 x 8mm

Package Includes :1 x
 KCASA TH-759 Mini Touch Induction USB  Lighter


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