10pcs Silicone Non-Stick Heat Resistant Cooking Silicone Spoon Cooking Spatula Pasta Fork Kitchen Utensils Gadget Tool Accessories Set

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Description :10pcs Silicone Heat Resistant Cooking Silicone Spoon Kitchen Utensils Gadget Tool Accessories Set -FDA approved to be 100% BPA and latex free and contains zero plastic
-Silicone makes this kitchen utensil set HEAT RESISTANT UP TO 480°F
-Non-toxic, not sticky, durable, safe, easy to clean,eco-friendly
-Food-grade, science and green Product
-Incredibly elegant design that will spruce up your kitchen.
-Usage : hotel, restaurant, promotional gifts, retail in markets or stores, home
Specification :
Material  Silicone
Color  Black / Green
Weight  750g
Size 28 x 9cm        Ladle
29 x 5.5cm     Pasta Fork
28 x 6cm        Spoonula
27 x 5.8cm     Slotted Spoon
26.5 x 3.3cm  Tong
30.4 x 8cm     Turner
27 x 5.4cm     Large Spatula
16 x 5.4cm     Whisk
20.7 x 4.1cm  Small Spatula
21 x 3.4cm     Basting Brush

Package Includes :1 x Ladle
1 x Pasta Fork
1 x Spoonula
1 x Slotted Spoon
1 x Tong
1 x Turner
1 x Large Spatula
1 x Whisk
1 x Small Spatula
1 x Basting Brush



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