12oz Heavy Duty Aluminium Can Crusher Bottle Opener Wall Mount Recycling Tool

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Description :12oz Heavy Duty Aluminium Can Crusher Bottle Opener Wall Mount Recycling Tool- Designed to be wall mounted and quick to use.
- Perfect for around the home, office, worksite, bar and popular with recycling centres.
- Environmentally friendly, fun and easy to use and encourages recycling of valuable cans.
- Specially designed long arm for fast easy crushing with ease, no straining or time consuming crushing.

Specification :
Material  Aluminium
Color  Black
Capacity 12 Ounces
Application Cans / Plastic Bottles

Operation Tip : 
● Wear gloves and safety glasses.
● Make full strokes with the handle.
● Never operate with the chute removed.
● To reduce crushing lever effort, you man dent the can.
● Watch the ram while crushing, it is the major moving part.
● Lubricate the two pins twice yearly or more under severe use.
● Never crush more than one can in the crushing chamber at once.
● If you have a couple of odd size cans, just flip up the ram when the chute is empty and insert the can into the chamber.
Warm Reminder
● Chocking Hazard! Not to be operated by children.
● Do not attempt to assemble without following the instructions step by step. Improper assembly may result in the unit pulling away from the wall or in jury.

Package Includes :
1 x Aluminium Can Crusher (screws mounting kit included)
1 x Mounting Instruction
(The tools you needed: drill bit, screw driver, hammer Not included)

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