Double Arc Power Display Timely USB Charge Lighter Flameless Electronic Plasma Sensing Lighter

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Description :KCASA Double Arc Power Display Timely USB Charge Lighter Windproof Metal Flameless Electronic Lighter Plasma Sensing Lighter- [ Double Arc - Flashing Ignition ] : Double-line ignition, light and easy to burn, fast and convenient.
- [ Touch Sensing, Sensitive Switch ] : Powerful inner core, touch-sensitive sensor switch, lightly ignitable.
- [ Power Display, Timely Charging ] : The sensor screen has 4 indicators to indicate the battery status.
- [ Portable USB Charging & Environmental Cycle Charging] : Notebooks, cars, sockets Notebooks, cars, sockets, etc. can be all charged.
- [ Cool & Fashion Shape ] : Inspired by the sports car, the lines are beautiful.

Specification :
Brand KCASA 
Material  Zinc Alloy
Color  Colorful, Black, Blue, Silver
Weight  92G
Size  79 x 38 x 14.5mm

Package Includes :
1 x Plasma Sensing Lighter

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